• Battery life management
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    Battery life management

    ​In order to see the image in the finder

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  • Keuntungan Garansi Resmi
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    Keuntungan Garansi Resmi

    Keuntungan Garansi Resmi dan Tip mengenali produk kamera digital Fujifilm bergaransi resmi.

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  • Dewandra Djelantik

    Born in Surabaya, 7 December 1977, Falling in love in photography since junior high. Then joining to fotografer,net (FN) in 2005 and started to make photography as his living. He also becomes a professional source in many seminars.

  • Gathot Subroto

    Learnt photography by himself since Junior High School with Fujica M-1 at least 1985, then he bought SLR Camera with brand Sea Gull when studying in Senior High School, 1987 and continued with college in STAN in 1990 until 1993.

  • Agus

    Born in Yogyakarta, November 11, 1955. Finding his passion in photography since 1977. Exploring his career as a photographer in Tempo magazine in 1989. He has been moving around in mass media and also giving lectures in some institutions in Yogyakarta.