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Fujifilm Studio

  • Terms & Condition
    1. Studio facilities is exclusive for the owners of the X-T3, X-PRO2, X-H1, and GFX series.
    2. The camera allowed in the studio must be officially guarantee by Fujifilm Indonesia, which is proven by a warranty card.
    3. Customer can use the studio for 1 session (2 hours) at maximum 1 time/month calculated from the last studio use.
    4. Customers must fill in their personal data, camera type and camera serial number when registering.
    5. After registering, customers will be contacted by Fujifilm Learning Centre Admin for verification.
    6. Customers who have been approved to use the studio will receive confirmation email from Fujifilm Learning Centre Admin.
    7. Customers must bring original cameras & warranty cards on their visit to the Fujifilm Learning Center.
    8. Booked schedule cannot be changed manually if the customer is late or does not arrive on time, rebook process through the website is required.
    9. Customers must provide deposit money of Rp 500,000 at the Fujifilm Learning Center registration desk. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the session.
    10. Customers are required to drop their ID cards in times of the session. The ID will be returned at the end of the session.
    11. When shooting at the Fujifilm Learning Center only Fujifilm X-Series & GFX cameras are allowed, other camera brands must be dropped at the Learning Center officer.
    12. Maximum number of participants allowed during the photo session is 8 people, including photographers, models, assistants, MUA.
    13. Any damage to equipment or studio property due to a misuse will be the responsibility of the customer.
    14. Learning Center is prohibited to shoot the following photo purposes: Nude Photography, Pet Photography, Smoke, Paint, Fireworks, Steel Wool.
    15. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the studio area.
    16. Learning Center officer has the right to reprimand and take strict punishment if the user does not obey the terms and conditions.
    17. Photography equipment including studio light can only be used at the Fujifilm Learning Center Studio.

  • Operational Time
  • Address
Dates Friday 24 January 2020 Saturday 25 January 2020 Sunday 26 January 2020 Monday 27 January 2020
10am-12pm       + Add Booking       + Add Booking       + Add Booking       + Add Booking
12pm-2pm       + Add Booking       + Add Booking       + Add Booking       + Add Booking
2pm-4pm       + Add Booking       + Add Booking       + Add Booking       + Add Booking
4pm-6pm       + Add Booking       + Add Booking       + Add Booking       + Add Booking